2010 Progressive Dinner  (Theme Treasure Island) click

It was a harty lot that set forth from Panorama Drive (Lash & Mash's house) on a November afternoon in 2010. Dressed for piracy, looting and other debauchered things, they ate and drank before the long journey west.


It was the cocktails and nibbles that hindered a few, but they struggled up the hill (no other ways from this abode) until they came to Koala Park.


Yes, it was a sunny day and much was to be done. There was many a drink to be had and then it was off to the next stop- Wonky's place.


Ahhh, a little bit under the weather now, we set off down-hill?? for Gurge, Slocum and Splurge's cabin to seal the night with more merriment!